Question: How can I make updates to my site after it is published?
If your site is designed with a Content Management System, you should be able to make minor changes yourself. However, since we work for you our design team is available for unlimited updates within your Net Solutions Today hosted site. When you host your site with us, we provide additional design modifications at no additional cost to you. For a quick update to your site, simply call or send us a message and we’ll hop to it.


Question: How can I increase traffic to my site?
There are several methods for increasing site traffic. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements are great options but can be a bit costly if managed improperly. We’d suggest that you have all your ducks in a row in regard to design before jumping into a pay per click campaign. A great way to increase traffic is accomplished through organic search optimization and offsite links, the web’s “word of mouth”. All of our sites are developed with the organic approach in mind. So when we design your site, it already has the “guts” needed to gain search rankings. With our intelligent design, your site will have the guts and the brains to out-perform your competitors with first page local search rankings and lower cost PPC advertising.


Question: How long should I expect before my new site is up and running?
All sites require a slightly different amount of time for development. Generally, our development team will complete the “initial design” within 7-14 days or sooner. After your review, we’ll complete any requests for additions or modifications. A finished site should be achieved within 2-3 weeks. And remember, no hosting payment is due until your site is complete. (918) 921-6249 OR (866) 981-6851