When To Use a Tracking Phone Number


Call tracking

When business owners spend money, they want a return. That’s business 101. But sometimes the pace of business doesn’t allow for detailed tracking of your advertising dollars. There are a number of ways to track your return on investment. For local service businesses, few methods are as effective as phone tracking.

When the phone rings, business owners hear cha-ching. Unless of course, it’s a telemarketer! The rush of the sale may cause you to forget to ask, “How did you find us?” Also, you may not have a simple method for storing this critical sales data. Maybe you rely solely on memory. It could be that your office staff or sales team don’t share it with the team. For whatever reason, storing lead sources for future scoring is cumbersome for businesses. That’s where call tracking with dedicated phone lines helps out!

Do I Own The Number?

This is a common question. The answer varies depending on who supplies the number. For PPC campaigns, the provider may supply a call tracking feature. You’ll have to read the small print to find out how that all works. But the number a customer uses today may not be available, at least to you, down the road. There are, however, options out there that allow you to retain control or “ownership” of a tracking number as long as you would like. Many of these options are very affordable.

Simple. Proven ROI Tracking Method

Phone call tracking can be a simple process for your business. Our general rule is this: if you’re spending any significant amount of money in one area for marketing or advertising, TRACK THE SUCCESS (or failure). Many businesses spend money with advertising sources without ever truly knowing if the money ever makes in back by way of new business. Imagine an attorney buying a phone book ad (YEAH, seriously! A phone book ad). If that attorney spends $800 per month, $9,600 per year on advertising, they may want to know if those dollars are working for them. Without any working tracking system, the attorney may “assume” that all is well. Since business was good last year, that phone book ad must be working. So, they buy a bigger ad next year. What? Without any proof to back it up? They’re willing to spend even more money?

Yes! Many businesses spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars each year on campaigns that yield little to zero results. With call tracking, you’ll be able to pull up a simple log of calls and tell that phone book salesperson, “Your ad isn’t working for me.” Maybe the attorney we talked about above only received 9 calls all year. That means each call cost over $1000! Wow. What if he only closed half of those calls. Now each call cost $2000! Wait just a second. His average retainer fee is only $1500. Did he just work for free? No. He lost money. Did that law firm work 12 months for a phone book company and their sales person. Yes. They sure did.

Know Where to Spend in the Future

You spend tons of money on PPC marketing, website, postcards, billboards, radio, tv and even urinal billboards (you’ve seen em!). Why spend the money without any method to track its effectiveness. Call tracking helps you know, without a doubt, which campaign yields the best result. And when you find one that works, pour the gasoline. It’s time to rock ‘n roll!

Ask about Net Solutions Today’s exclusive call tracking system, KnowCalls™. Our numbers are yours as long as you need them. And best of all, you’ll finally know the return for each and every dollar your spend. Forgot to mention, you can listen to every call with optional call recording (Hint: makes a great training tool).

We’ve helped many of our customers, like Signature Bail Bond (a Tulsa bail bonds company), track calls for all their marketing campaigns. Call to find out how easy it is to get started. Our call tracking service can be setup in less than one day.


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