Complexities of Social Media Advertising.

Social Media

Most people interact with social media platforms on a daily basis. Many practically “live” on social media. Since people are spending more and more time with their cell phone interacting with the world online, it’s a good idea for many businesses to reach their customers through social media ad campaigns and marketing. While growing your own “fan base” with like and followers is a great idea, sometimes a targeted social media ad campaign is a great way to reach more potential buyers.

Don’t Let Business Ego Guide Your Spending

Many small businesses have turned up their ad spend with social platforms simply because of the platform’s popularity. It’s important to consider your audience. Most social platforms allow you to target specific demographics. That’s one of the great things about social media advertising! When you need to reach highly targeted groups such as “men over 50”, “homeowners”, “pet owners” or almost any of group, social media campaigns can help you accomplish just that.

Ever Evolving

With changes in privacy policies from Apple and Samsung, we are seeing that we can no longer follow the data when someone clicks away from social media. It would appear now that you want to keep them on the platform as long as possible. Companies like Facebook are smart and have figured out how to continue to find like minded potential customers for your business without the need to follow them all over the internet. This makes is simpler to find your target demographic on their platform without all the guess work. And if you think that your clients aren’t on social media, you would likely be wrong. With over 2 billion users a day, they eyes you need to be in front of are there.

*Joke of the day: Where’s the best place to hide a skeleton? On the third page of Google.


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